Libraries and Technology Needs


Unit Libraries and Information Technology Services (LITS)
Contacts John Ellis | Interim Deputy Chief Information Officer
Yolanda Cooper | University Librarian
Kim Braxton | Director, Academic Technology Services
Optimal timeframe 24+ months prior to accepting applications
Purpose Outline options and strategy for LITS support
Why this matters LITS assessment is required by SACSCOC and new programs may have resource and budgetary impacts upon LITS.
Forms None

Key Questions and Considerations

  1. What library and information resources -- general as well as specific to the program -- and staffing services are in place to support the initiative?
  2. What university IT systems or support structures will be utilized? How might this impact program or LITS staffing? (e.g. Blackboard, ALEPH, OPUS, etc.)
  3. Can Blackboard/Ares be utilized for learning management and content delivery? If not, which system will be utilized?
  4. Will there be program-specific instructional technology support staff?
  5. What support/help desk services will be provided to students?
  6. Have all the SACSCOC library resources and support requirements been met?

Additional Considerations for Online Programs

  1. While it is encouraged to utilize internal resources first, will any external systems or entitites be considered to help manage the program delivery? If so, what entities?
  2. How will the online program content be developed and deployed? Who is responsible -- Emory or a third party?
  3. If a hosted service is utilized, how will it integrate with Emory systems? How will the hosted service maintain information security?
  4. Are there other technologies required for online program delivery (web conferencing, tool add-ons, online textbook integration, licensing)?
  5. Does the program include a plan for faculty training in an online environment?