Financial Considerations


Unit School or department
Contact Department administrator
Optimal timeframe 24+ months prior to accepting applications
Purpose Outline financial viability of program
Why this matters Establishing a financial plan and program viability is required by SACSCOC and impacts both school and department budgetary planning.
Forms Financial Considerations Worksheet (XLSX)

Key Questions and Considerations

  1. Will the program offer either federal or institutional financial aid? If so, please contact the Office of Financial Aid immediately.
  2. Has a budget model been drafted?
  3. What are the substantial start-up costs?
  4. Will new faculty or staffing resources be required? How does the budget model account for this?
  5. How does the budget model include IT support? Library support? Other university support services? (e.g. Registrar, EmoryCard, Writing Center)
  6. How will the new program impact school allocation? Please contact your chief business officer for further impact determination.
  7. How will the new program or program changes impact other degree granting program enrollment?
  8. Please review the worksheet listed above for initial program budgetary impact.

Additional Considerations for Online Programs

  1. Will the program require state authorization to enroll students from states other than Georgia?