Institutional Approval


Unit Office of the Provost
Contact Nancy Bliwise | Vice Provost, Academic Planning
Optimal timeframe 24+ months prior to accepting applications
Note: Emory's Board of Trustees (Academic Affairs Committee) reviews new program applications and program changes in January and September. Applications are presented to the Board of Trustees only after all institutional reviews have been completed.
Purpose All new programs and substantive program changes must be approved by the provost's office and then by the Board of Trustees. Early notification and engagement with the provost's office is suggested to expedite program approval.
Why this matters Without approval both from the Office of the Provost and the Board of Trustees, a new program cannot be offered at the university.
Forms None

Key Questions and Considerations

  1. Has the Office of the Provost been notified that you are developing a new program and/or considering program changes?
  2. Has the Board of Trustees approved the new program?