Administrative Considerations


Unit School or department
Contacts Academic dean
School and/or department curriculum committees
Optimal timeframe 24+ months prior to accepting applications
Purpose Identify start-up issues and inform thoughtful program development
Why this matters Local committee approval and school leadership support is necessary to establish a new program.
Forms None

Key Questions and Considerations

  1. Has approval to proceed been granted from the appropriate school and department curriculum committee(s)?
  2. Is this an existing program being modified or combined with another offering, or is this a brand new program?
  3. Will this new program or program change work with the existing academic structure and calendar? If not, are there pedagogical reasons why the calendar must be different?
  4. Who is the target audience and market for the program?
  5. How many students will the program enroll initially and as the program develops? How many students will be impacted by the program change?
  6. What is the proposed tuition rate? Program fees? Is it comparable to that of peer institutions offering similar programs?
  7. Will federal financial aid be offered? Other aid, scholarships, or grants? Will the program change affect the distribution of federal financial aid or other aid, scholarships, or grants?